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School Teacher | Ramona, CA

(Life Balance)

"Not so long ago, I was feeling as if my life was completely out of balance.  The problem two fold, I was unsure how to get my life into balance, and I really could not say what I wanted that "balance to be".  Deborah helped me to make decisions about what was really important to me, and then helped me work towards balancing those important pieces of my life.  She helped me by giving me tools that I could use, the time to use them and a place to talk about my successes and challenges.  I continue to use those tools today because balancing one's life is never a one-time event.  I am grateful to Deborah for her coaching skills and her desire to help people find balance in their  lives."

John Gomez
Julian, CA


“Deborah, thank you so much for your help and teachings. I had known for decades I had an anger problem but I didn't know how to fix it or control it.  When I called you it was the best thing I had ever done for myself!  I would sometimes have uncontrolled outbursts that for me was very embarrassing.  I knew I needed some help and I tried therapy that really didn't work for me.  My first session with you was truly a wake-up call, I learned so much and I knew then I could achieve "control" because you taught me how to think about things differently.  For the first time in life I can truly say I feel in control of my actions and I’m a changed man thanks to you!”

Paula Serber
Web Marketing | Palm Springs, CA


"I came to Deborah for Life Coaching because I was wanted to increase my success in my new business. In the most subtle of ways she had me realize that I was operating under some perceptions that were holding me back. Not only did Deborah help me to realize the beliefs that were holding me back, the experience was that of a pleasant conversation, conducted in an unthreatening manner. I had read plenty on the subject of self-realization, but the time with Deborah helped me get to the heart of these beliefs so I could clear them out. I had a sudden and striking understanding of my life. She then encouraged me to realize the things I have to offer to others, which helped me to see my value as a human being. I am now living life on a different level. I feel more aware, fulfilled and successful. I can highly recommend Deborah for anyone who feels they are not living life to their fullest potential."

Stay at Home Mom | Ramona, CA


"Deborah, Life Coaching with you has helped me to see a clearer picture of what I deserve and where I would like to be in my life at this time and in the future.  You have taught me some important tools I can use to help deal with difficult situations. Setting up a game plan with attainable goals was a very important element of our work together.  You also taught me that it is okay to have certain feelings and thoughts about things burdening me and that I could just recognize them at times and not dwell on them.  You have a way of constantly “reading between the lines” picking up on things I said or did not recognize then challenging me with that information.  I’ve learned things about myself through you because you have such great compassion, are a wonderful listener and have excellent communication skills." 

City Employee | San Diego, CA


"One of the most helpful things I learned while coaching with you is my power of choice.  I used to think that my moods had control over me, but now I see the word C-H-O-I-C-E in my mind before I act or make a decision.  I now make choices that are good for me and I am much more in control of life!"  

Kelly Rudolph
Life Coach | La Mesa, CA 

(What another coach had to say)

"Deborah is an excellent coach and always guides me to different perspectives and greater awareness, which is what a great coach does! She has a heartfelt way of communicating, which is non-threatening and guides you to where you need to go to make the necessary adjustments in your life. I respect and admire Deborah and call on her for my own coaching without hesitation. I am honored to recommend her."

Kathy MacConaghy
Teacher at Lakeside Union School District | Lakeside, CA


"I have attended several programs that Deborah coached and enjoyed working with her. She is open, friendly and extremely helpful and I would recommend her services to anyone needing support in making life changes."

Jaime Hernandez

Small Business Owner Ramona, CA 

(work life balance)

"Deborah is a great person to work with. She helps you identify your true goals in life and helps you reach your full potential. She holds you accountable when needed--which is really good. It's amazing how things become clearer and much more attainable after working with Deborah. She has definitely made a positive change in my life."

Sharlene Kopol
Hotel Resevations Training Coordinator | Barona Valley Ranch, CA


"Deborah assisted me with her life coaching expertise. She was able to identify issues and solutions in a short period of time. I found her to be professional, knowledgeable, and focused. I would gladly recommend her for life coaching."

Joy Bennett
Owner of Joyous Soul Yoga |  Ramona, CA 


"Deborah is amazing! She is truly an expert in her field. I worked with her on some issues relating to my business and was able to walk away from our first session with a game plan, confidence and understanding of the situation that was brilliant! She is personable, down to earth and sharp. I highly recommend her."