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Why would anyone want to manage anger and what does that mean?


Participating in anger management coaching does not necessarily mean that anger is a bad emotion, nor does it mean that you are trying to eliminate this natural emotion.  On the contrary the emotion of anger is associated with our survival instincts and is a warning that you are feeling unsafe or perceiving a threat.


Anger management coaching is for anyone who has experienced frequent or occasional outbursts that has had detrimental effects on life, relationships, or career. Coaching sessions also assist those who have been court ordered or required to fulfill a program. 


As your Anger Management Coach, together we will help you uncover the feelings and thoughts that create anger. We will work on setting healthy boundaries, while learning how to utilize new tools to help you better manage your response to anger.

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Anger & Self-Esteem

It has been said that when we react out of anger we do just as much or more damage to ourselves and self esteem, as we do to the intended target of our anger. When you stop to think about a time when you exploded in a way that was out of control you may be able to relate to this. Do you recall asking for apologies, losing a job, getting into a physical altercation, or damaging a friendship, relationship, or property? Acting out of anger can lead you to feel poorly about yourself resulting in lowered self-esteem and even depression.

Anger & Your Health

Did you know that if you are often feeling angry you are doing damage to your health! That’s right, frequent anger puts your bodily responses into “flight-or-flight” mode which sets off a whole host of hormonal reactions that if experienced over time can lead to poor digestion, high blood pressure, lowered immunity and much more.

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If you have reacted negatively to anger, ask yourself:

Did you really get what you wanted out of the situation?


Were you proud of yourself afterwards?


Did reacting in anger make things worse?


Did you end up feeling downright bad about yourself due to your behavior?


If you answered yes to even one of these examples, please give me a call and let's get started.

Together we can: 


Get to the bottom of your anger and learn how to communicate assertively rather than violently. 


I will assist you with tools to respond to situations in a way that creates better relationships and positive outcomes


You will learn anger management tools and techniques that create calmness and clarity leading to a more peaceful life. 

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