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Stress, Anger, and Your Relationships

Updated: May 16, 2021

Hello Friends and Coaching Clients,

Here's to your health and hopes that you are taking great care of yourself!

There a number of signs that let you know you are stressed and in need of change. If you find yourself becoming angry more than usual, impatient, aggressive, or flying off the handle and lashing out at people around you chances are your stress level is high. Having frequent angry outbursts is closely associated with a high stress level because when we are stressed or overloaded our ability to cope is compromised.

Instead of blaming situations or others for our stress or anger it will be more beneficial to look within for what is to triggering you to see what you truly want and need, then begin to make the changes. Realistically you are the only one who can take responsibility for your health and well-being by making a commitment to lower stress no matter what the cause.

Being stressed does not always mean you need to do something additional, instead it may indicate that you need to eliminate or let go of something in your life and replace it with a healthy, fun or relaxing activity. It starts with the awareness and firm commitment to live differently.

Tips to get you started:

Begin with self-inquiry, ask yourself what is truly at the root of your stress or anger

Are you:

taking on too much?

engaging in self-talk that does not serve you?

holding on to something that would be helpful to let go of?

trying to change the un-changeable?

tolerating people or situations in your environment that are stressors?

After you identify the causes of stress determine what areas of life you want to make the changes such as your environment, personal relationships, a mindset shift, occupational change, more self-care, stronger boundaries, assertive communication, etc.

Next, look at what you can eliminate, add, or confront in your life to lower your stress. The bottom line is to take control of your well-being and not be controlled by stress or anger that can get you to the breaking point and negatively affect your health and your partnerships.

If you'd like assistance sorting this out give me a call, we'll work on it together.

I welcome questions or comments on what is most stressful in your life or what you do for stress relief to keep life in balance.


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